Soaring Creativity

Hong Kong Pavilion 2019(Hong Kong Publishing and Printing Industry Joining Two International Book Fairs)

Co-organized by the Hong Kong Publishing Federation and The Hong Kong Printers Association under the sponsorship of Create Hong Kong (CreateHK) office of the Government of Hong Kong Special Administrative Region, the “Soaring Creativity” project was held since 2011 to showcase the creativity and achievements of Hong Kong’s publishing and printing industry to the world by setting up “Hong Kong Pavilion” in major international books fairs. In 2019, the “Soaring Creativity” project is sponsored by CreateHK again to set up “Hong Kong Pavilion” in two famous international exhibitions, namely the Taipei International Book Exhibition in Taiwan (February 2019) and the Bologna Children’s Book Fair in Italy (April 2019). In addition to showcasing Hong Kong’s excellent books, printing techniques and electronic books, the “Hong Kong Pavilion” also aims to help Hong Kong publishers and printers develop new markets and facilitate exchanges with their counterparts worldwide.

Hong Kong Publishing Federation

Hong Kong Publishing Federation (HKPF) was founded in 1994. It is the most representative trade organization of the publishing industry in Hong Kong. Foundation members of HKPF are Hong Kong Book and Stationery Industry Association Company Limited, The Hong Kong Publishers and Distributors Association, Educational Booksellers’ Association Limited, The Anglo-Chinese Textbook Publishers Organization Limited, Hong Kong Book & Magazine Trade Association Limited, The Hong Kong Publishing Professionals Society Limited, The Hong Kong Educational Publishers Association Limited and Sino United Publishing (Holdings) Limited. HKPF aims to promote the development of Hong Kong’s creative publishing industry, strengthen industry cohesion, protect industry interests, and foster industry cooperation with its counterparts on the Mainland China, Taiwan, Macau and overseas.

The Hong Kong Printers Association

The Hong Kong Printers Association (HKPA) is the longest-history and most representative printing organization in Hong Kong. Since its establishment in 1939, HKPA has not only witnessed the development of the industry, but has also grown with it. Through its communications with governments and other institutes, its publication and website, various conferences and study missions, as well as its professional training centre, HKPA has enhanced the cohesion and competitiveness of Hong Kong’s printing industry, and has acted as a bridge connecting it with the Mainland China and the rest of the world.

Recent Developments and Competitive Niche ofHong Kong’s Publishing Industry

Hong Kong’s publishing industry is heading towards modernization and internationalization with its keen business sense, dynamic thinking and broad vision. Today, Hong Kong has already become a significant distribution centre for books and publications in Asia-Pacific, which empowers Hong Kong to play an important role in the cultural and creative industries as well as in the media domain.

An Open Market

Hong Kong is a completely open and tolerant market that cultivates a vast diversity of different products with quality content or innovative concepts. An open market also allows the free circulation of imported books from mainland China, Taiwan, Europe and America, which are all widely available for sale in Hong Kong. Such availability helps readers raise their ability to appreciate and accept wide-ranging literary works. It also enables non-mainstream books to enter the market and creates a healthy environment for further development.

Mature Market Mechanism

Hong Kong enjoys a relatively mature market mechanism with high awareness of copyright issues and standardized trading regulations. Along with high industrial credibility, risks in dead loans and bad debts are relatively low. In addition, Hong Kong enterprises have long been influenced by western management styles. Such influence equips these enterprises with a higher awareness of modern enterprise management, and in turn beneficial to raising the overall efficiency in their operations.

Convergence of Eastern and Western Cultures

Hong Kong has a unique cultural background and is positioned at a convergent point of Eastern and Western cultures. The openness of the society and the active tides of thoughts bring together ideas from different cultures, stimulating endless creativity. The low threshold of business operations encourages emergence of new publishers with creative ideas every year, maintaining the vitality and competitiveness of the local publishing industry.

Innovative ideas

Outstanding publishing concepts cannot come to life without quality printing technologies. Hong Kong, as one of the world’s top four printing centres, has always possessed forefront printing technologies that can turn wild fantasies into reality. The recent success in pop-up book publishing is a prime example.

International perspective

Hong Kong’s creative industries have always been in a leading position in Asia, especially in the fields of advertising, film, TV and design, etc. Most of the talents from these sectors are working across different media, introducing new blood and new concepts to the publishing industry. On top of that, Hong Kong’s free flow of information, flexibility and global vision allow her publishing industry an irreplaceable position in the rapidly changing world.
Hong Kong Publishing Federation
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Recent Development and Competency of Hong Kong Printing Industry

The printing industry in Hong Kong is internationally renowned for its excellent services, professional working teams, rewarding and quality products, innovative design and green production. Together with the sound legal and financial systems and the well-developed infrastructure, Hong Kong’s printing enterprises are endorsed by the worldwide clients.

Top-notch Service

Hong Kong printing companies thrive on providing one-stop service by actively seeking quality partners to undertake every production process, including the coordinating services such as logistics and postage. Not only can the clients be exempted from the hassle of dealing with separate service providers, they can also receive regular updates of their orders, which enhance their comfort and convenience of the whole trading process.

Extraordinary Manpower

Enterprises in Hong Kong have rich experience in foreign trading. They are operated by bilingual employees who can effectively communicate with clients from different regions and fully understand their actual needs. With the global vision and foresights of the enterprises, they are able to keep the clients updated about the latest market development and global trends. With the sufficient information gathered, they are also capable of guiding the clients to make the best decisions regarding the current market situation. Since some of the enterprises have set up factories in Mainland China, clients can enjoy the subtle craftsmanship by the workers there. Together with the superb management system in Hong Kong, the quality of products is ensured.

Respect for Intellectual Property

The printing industry in Hong Kong acknowledges the importance of the intellectual property and regarded it as a cornerstone of the development of creative industries, and our society. It is also a prerequisite for the acquisition of the clients’ trust and respect. In view of this, the printing companies in Hong Kong put great effort in protecting the intellectual property and safeguarding the contents and concepts of clients’ publications from illegitimate use.

Green Printing

Hong Kong printing industry proactively advocates green printing by applying eco-friendly raw materials such as soy ink and paper made from sustainable forests, using energy-saving printing equipment, as well as recycling waste. With all the efforts put constantly, the printing industry is no longer a high-polluting industry but classified as a low-polluting urban-cultural industry nowadays. In recent years, the industry has further reduced energy consumption while increasing the production efficiency through the application of more advanced technology. It also further leads to a better environment.

Creative Printing Creative Printing

Hong Kong printing industry plays an important role in socio-cultural and economic development by covering the entire production chain of the cultural and creative industries. Printers and publishers have poured unlimited creativity into the production of a variety of books. In addition, they have devoted their time into researching and developing innovative methods and techniques to best showcase the creativity of different products. They have also achieved an outstanding contribution to human civilization and cultural education by inputting extra creativity into the design of children books and educational toys, which is essential in stimulating the learning interests of children.

The Hong Kong Printers Association

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